Center Draft Lamp Manufacturers

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Center Draft Lamp Manufacturers

Center Draft Lamp Manufacturers, location, approximate dates of operation, and the trade names of lamps they sold.  This is a cursory list still under construction.

Adams & Westlake. Chicago. 1874.

  • A&W, Adlake, Pullman, Queen

American Belgian Lamp Co. NYC. 1885? >

  • Belgian Lamp, Brevete, L&B

American Brass Co. Waterbury, CT. 1899 - 1912.

  • Incorporated Ansonia Brass & Copper, Waterbury Brass and Holmes, Booth & Haydens (H, B & H).

American Lamp & Brass. Trenton, NJ. 1897 -

Ansonia Brass & Copper. 1880's, 1899. NYC, Ansonia, CT.

  • Apex, Bassett, Little Jewel, New Universal Mammoth, Wilson.

Bradley & Hubbard. Meriden, CT. 1880's - 1940.

  • B&H,  Empire, Mammoth, Perfection, Radiant, Rayo.

Bridgeport Brass Co. Bridgeport, CT. 1880's - 1920's.

  • Bridgeport, New Rochester, Leader Argand.

Bristol Brass. Bristol, CT. 1880's, 1911.

  • Bristol, Champion, Chief, Drummond,  Empire, The French, New Darling, Victor.
  • Clark Brothers Co. Trenton, NJ. 1880's - 1890's.

    • Trenton.

    Dayton Mfg Co. Dayton, OH. 1880's - 1960's.

    Acme, Dayton, US Standard.

    Handlan-Buck. St. Louis, MO. 1901 - 1960's?

    • Caboose Lamps.

    Ditheridge & Co. Pittsburg, PA. 1870's, 1900's.

    • Fort Pitt, Ditheridge, Young America.

    Fostoria Glass Co. Fostoria, OH. 1880's, 1980's.

    Holmes, Booth & Haydens. Waterbury, CT. 1850's - 1912.

  • Star, Gladstone, Rival, Little Prince, Little Queen, Imperial Electric, Keystone, Gladstone, Perfect, Admiral.
  • Judd Mfg. Co. Wallingford, CT. 1890's.

    Lane Mfg. Co. Kenosha, WA. 1880's - 1095.

    • Aurora, Gem, Volcano, Magnum.

    Lovell-Dressel. 1920's - 1960's. (Wholesale distributor)

    • Bristol, Mogul.

    Manhattan Brass Co. NYC. 1860's - 1926.

    • Perfection Student Lamp, US Electric, Home Argand, Yale, Princeton, Manhattan, Sun, Excelsior, Mammoth, Young America.

    Mathews & Willard. Waterbury, CT. 1890 - 1900's.

    • M&W, Aladdin, Columbia, Trenton.

    Meriden Bronze Co. Meriden, CT. 1880's - 1900.

    • Meriden, Princess, Victor, Liberty, Meteor.

    Meriden Malleable Iron. Meriden, CT. 1880's - 1890's.

    • Frames for store and library lamps.

    F. Meyrose & Co. St. Louis, MO. 1870's - 1900's.

    • Meyrose, Drummond, Calcium.

    Edward Miller & Co. Meriden, CT. 1860's - 1924.

  • Rochester, Juno, Miller, Mammoth, Vestal, Lumo, Gem, Gaskell, Champion, Home Lamp, Empress, Liberty, Astral, Ideal, Meteor.
  • Charles Parker. Meriden, CT. 1870's - 1957.

    • Parker, Peerless Electric.

    Pittsburgh Brass Co. Pittsburg, PA. 1880's - 1900's.

    • Aurora, Mammoth, Pittsburg, Success, PL&B.

    Plume & Atwood Mfg. Waterbury, CT and rolling mill at Thomaston, CT. 1870's - 1960's.

    • An offshoot of H, B & H.
  • Fireside Electric, Banner, Royal, Household, Colonial, Mammoth, Naugatuck, Plumwood, Magnet, Sewing, Jupiter, Paragon, Moehring, Astral, Harvard.
  • Rochester Lamp Co. Rochester, NY. 1880's - 1905.

    • A distributor. Early Rochester's were Millerís.

    Scovill Mfg. 1850's - present. Waterbury, CT.

    Standard Lighting Co. Cleveland, OH. 1880's - 1900's.

    • Globe Incandescent.

    Standard Oil Co. 1890's - 1950.

    • Mei Foo, Perfection, Rayo.

    Wallace & Sons. Ansonia & Derby, CT. 1850's - 1890's.

    • Connecticut, W&SA.


    Samuel S Messenger & Sons. Founded before 1835 in Gloucester Place, Alston Street, Birmingham, moved to 19&20 Broad Street before 1888, making chandeliers, candelabra, lamps and gas fittings, exhibitor at 1851 Great Exhibition and others. The name occurs in the 1810s as Messenger and Phipson of Broad Street, Birmingham, manufacturers of 'plated' goods. Ceased trading in the early 1930s.





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