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We are all indebted to Stuart Driver for the invaluable information provided below:
Stuart Driver 
Edward Miller Kerosene Lamps

Specialist for over 20 years in the restoration and repair of lamps made by Edward Miller & Company (E. M. & Co.).  Contact Mr. Driver at his web site link (above).

Miller #0 lamps

Outside Diameter of inner tube 11/16"
Inside Diameter of outer tube 7/8"

There is no difference in the diameters of the three piece bayonet burner, two piece screw threaded burner or the two piece new vestal burner. There is one other #0 fount that I am aware of, which I do not have and that is a #0 Juno. From pictures I believe that it has a slightly deeper fount (and therefore longer wick tube) then the #0 Miller. It is possible that a Tiny removable fount and #0 acorn exist in both Juno and Vestal patents but I am yet to identify same. Vestal lamps have a wick carriage that fits externally around the wick.

Wick lengths are based on my opinion and are suggestions only. Minimum ideal length of wick is the shortest length that will allow the wick to burn, but still reach the bottom of the fount. Maximum ideal length of wick is the longest reasonable length (thus longest wick life) Ideal length of 'split' allows for the split to enable the wick to reach the bottom of the fount when the carriage is in its highest position. Two splits are necessary, first to allow the wick to go over the carriage, second to allow the wick to 'gather up' at the base when first fitted (maximum length).



Tiny Miller1 

Tiny Miller    Removable2

Tiny Juno  Home3 #0 Miller #0 Miller Acorn4 #0 Vestal5 #0 Miller Student #0 Vestal Student5
Depth of movement of wick

1 1/16"

   1 7/8"

1 15/32"

1 7/8"

1 7/8"

1 3/4"


1 "


Total length of centre tube   

4 "

4 15/16"

4 7/8"

4 7/8"

  5 3/8"

5 21/32"

5 3/8"



Minimum ideal length of wick

4 1/2"

5 1/4"

4 7/8"

5 1/8"

5 5/8"

5 7/8"

5 5/8"

5 1/2"

5 1/2"

Maximum ideal length of wick

5 1/2"


6 7/8"


7 1/2"



6 1/2"

6 1/2"

Ideal length of split in base of wick

 1 3/4"

2 3/8"


2 3/8"

2 3/8"

2 1/2"

1 1/2"

3 1/2

1 1/2"


1. An extremely scarce lamp.
2. A removable fount that fits into a vase (in the style of a banquet lamp).
3. Relatively scarce but lacks demand - is of Juno patent.
4. A very scarce fount type.
5. The length of split is less important due to externally fitted wick carriage.

All wicks are 'fixed' in that once fitted to the wick carriage there is no real need to remove them for adjustment EXCEPT FOR the vestal burners where, due to the limited depth of movement of the carriage (and very high positioning of the carriage) the wick should be 'lifted' to extend its life, measurements above allow for this adjustment. Of course all wicks can be adjusted for economy, but in doing so beyond what is recommended above means that the wick will no longer reach the bottom of the fount, and will therefore 'burn out' before the fuel runs out.






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