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Mr. Funnel Water Filter

The incredible Mr. Funnel - if you haven't seen the video at, watch it now. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who stores fuels. Just pour the fuel through Mr. Funnel and it instantly removes water and debris. There is nothing else like it on the market. Just pour the contaminated fuel into the filter and the water-free fuel flows through. Any water that was in the fuel will stay in the funnel - just dump it out when you've filled your appliance. To clean, just turn it upside down and whack it onto a hard surface. Nothing to replace, ever.

I have been using one of these marvelous MR. Funnel filter funnels for at least 9 years.  This filter funnel will prevent untold problems with wicks in both heaters and lamps.  Removes 'free' water and dirt from your fuel before it gets in your tank and wick. Filters water and solids down to 0.005-in while you refuel. Filter screen in the funnels is made of stainless steel coated with Teflon. The funnel and filter are designed to have the dirt and water that cannot pass through the filter collected in the bottom receptacle. No cleaning or replacements needed.

Emulsified Water

The Fuel Filter Funnel by Mr Funnel is a heavy-duty and fast  flow funnel with built-in filter technology. When fuel is poured through the  Fuel Filter Funnel, water and debris will not pass through the filter’s  fluoropolymer-coated stainless steel filter. Only filtered fuel flows through so your kerosene is clean and the wick does not get clogged with water or debris. The  sump area collects the deflected water and debris for proper disposal. This Fuel  Filter Funnel by Mr Funnel will filter water and debris from diesel, heating oil and kerosene.

I carry only the smallest Mr. Funnel Water Filter, the F1C model, as this size is sufficient for filtering the fuel used in kerosene heaters.

Model: F1NC - Green body
Height: 6"
Diameter: 3.5"
Flow Rate: 2.5 gpm
Minimum opening in container:  1 1/8"

Mr. Funnel Water Filter, $14.95

The Mr. Funnel Water Filter is not designed to be used indoors to pour fuel directly into a kerosene heater.  They are used outdoors and fit small containers with a minimum opening of 1 1/8".  I filter fuel into one gallon juice containers from larger tanks, then use a battery powered pump to fill the tanks on heaters.

Emulsified Water - molecular size water particles too fine to see

Note that this filter is NOT magic!  It collects 'free water' and debris.  Free water is the collection of water molecules in the bottom of gas cans, tanks, or drums formed when fuel is stored. The RFF filter will not remove emulsified water. 

Emuslfied water can be removed by adding a little almost pure alcohol to the fuel - no more than 1/3rd CC, 1/3rd teaspoon, PER GALLON, directly into the fuel in the heater.  Denatured alcohol, pharmacy alcohol of 91% to 99%, whatever, will absorb its volume in water, mix it with the fuel and burn it off.  Adding more than 1/3rd cc of alcohol per gallon will raise the flame temperature: add more and the temperature is raised sufficiently to begin to melt the fiberglass fibers or burn cotton fibers in cotton wicks.  In other words, if you have a teaspoon of water in the tank of your heater, you will need to treat at least three tanks of fuel to absorb that teaspoon of water.  Simple math:  1/3 x 3 = 1.   Methyl, ethyl, isopropyl, it does not matter.  What matters is the PERCENTAGE of alcohol.  Rubbing alcohol is 70% - it has already absorbed (been mixed with) 30% water, so you would not want to, nor could you expect, rubbing alcohol to absorb very much more water. 

Q. How do I clean the funnel?
A. You don't. Since the screen is coated with Teflon, nothing sticks to the screen. Just turn it upside down and tap it on the rim. If some particles remain just ignore them because they won't go through. No chemicals, no brushes, just leave it alone.

Q. Can I buy a new replacement filter?
A. No. We once sold them but realized we were doing our customers a disservice. They don't wear out so if you bought one it would be lost long before you needed it. Also, if we did sell them, they represent the majority of the price of the whole unit so you might as well buy a new funnel.

Q. How will I know if I have contamination or not?
A. Just tilt the funnel to one side and you will be able to see water and dirt under the remaining fuel. If you are experiencing a large amount of water, stop frequently and empty out the water and resume refueling. It's that simple.

Q. What do I do with the stuff left in the sump at the bottom of the funnel after refueling?
A. This technology requires the sump to help separate the contamination from the fuel so it can't be eliminated. You can pour it back into the gas can you were using or have a separate container to place it into. When the container gets full you can run it back through the funnel and you will never waste a drop of useable fuel.

Mr. Funnel Airfraft RefuelQ. Can I get replacement parts?
A. No. The funnels are self-cleaning and no replacement parts are needed.

Q. How do I test it?
A. First of all, test the funnel with one cup of water in the medium funnel and two cups of water in the large funnel. If no water passes the screen, the screen is working properly. Although the screen can sometimes catch more water than this, it is not designed to. Water is almost 25% heavier than some fuel and this extra weight builds head pressure which can force the water through the screen. Empty the water as it collects to avoid problems.

Q. How often do I need to test the funnel?
A. If the funnel has not been in use for 30 days you should test it with a cup or two of water to be sure it was not damaged since your last use.
Mr. Funnel Boat Refuel

Q. Will the filter work on mixed fuel with 2-cycle oil in it?
A. Yes, but if your 2-cycle oil has a detergent base the detergents can break down molecules of water and some water might pass the screen. Usually only a drop or two but if you are concerned, filter the fuel a second time because unless the sump is full of water, it is not possible that any water passed the filter.

Q. What happens when I use alcohol or fuel additives?
A. Most additives absorb water so add them to your fuel tank and not to your fuel cans or they will bring water into the tank with them.

Q. Can I use the funnel on all fuels and do I need to clean it before I switch?
A. You can use the funnel on all fuels and since the surface doesn't absorb any fuel there is no need for cleaning.

Q. How long will the filter last?
A. Sorry, but we have no idea. Some units are over 10 years old and still being used on a weekly basis and work as well as the first day they were put into service.

Q. What makes this funnel different from other funnels with screens in them?
A. First of all the filter is vertical and receives has no pressure on it in relation to a funnel with a horizontal screen. Horizontal screens are quick to clog and difficult to clean. Second, a Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter is Teflon coated and nothing sticks to Teflon, and the screen opening is small enough to repel the water.


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