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"Breathe_Easy" Platinum Catalytic Filter

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 Mica Windows

Replacement knobs
Glass Chimneys
Corona 22DK/23DK Wick Sleeve

Kero-Sun & Corona Parts



Brass Only

Miller cap - $8.95

B&H  fuel cap, $8.95

Rayo  fuel cap, $8.95

[Miller fill cap fits most #0 (except tiny font), #1, #2, & #3 Miller, also fits #1 & #2 P&A, Success, and Rochester lamps made before 1892 by Miller. (Does NOT fit Miller Liberty & Dresden nor Rochester Jr, & lamps made by Ansonia for Rochester)]

[B&H filler cap fits most #1 & #2 B&H lamps as well as many P&A Royal burners.  Most Consolidated and Fostoria GWTW lamps used P&A burners and the B&H caps will fit.  The Naugatuck, Plumwood & Magnet lamps are P&A Royal lamps sold with a different brand name. Handlan Buck center draft lamps such as the Caboose #30 used P&A Royal burners.]

[Rayo cap fits virtually all Rayo & Perfection (1904, 1905) and many other #1 & #2 size lamps made by B&H to 1940 & Parker Rayo lamps until 1955.  Does not fit Perfection Student Lamps made by Manhattan Brass.]


Large opal glass smoke bell with brass plated loop for hanging lamps. 4 1/2" diameter, 4" drop. Early style.  Thick glass, heavy, and look better than in the illustration. $19.95

Not for high heat #3 Store lamps.

Aladdin Smoke Bell, Brass, small, for hanging lamps.$9.95


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Kozy Glow Gaslight Mantles

Kozy Glow Soft Inverted Gaslight Mantles.  Universal for use on all standard yard, patio and commercial gas lamps using inverted gas mantles. These are not for the Butterfly 828 pressure lantern. Click on photos to enlarge.

Kozy Glow Soft Mantles, $6.95


Mr. Funnel Water Filter - See details on the Mr. Funnel page - click here$14.95

Breathe Easy Platinum Catalytic Filters are sold out. 

Mica Window - Universal 

Mica windows are frequently used on the sides of convection heaters (middle of photo at left) to allow the user to see the flame. Damaged mica windows should be replaced, as they interfere with the designed air flow of the heater and can cause the heater to not burn at maximum efficiency. Photo is an Omni 105, which has a window on each side. The heater is not lighted, so the window appears black.

Mica is a thin, transparent slice of natural mineral silicate (rock) which is extremely resistant to heat, but relatively brittle and should be replaced if damaged to preserve the proper airflow in a heater. 

Measure your existing mica before ordering, please!

Heat Mate/Sengoku cut mica, 3 3/16'' x 3 15/16''. This mica is precut for some convection heaters with rounded corners & notches for bezel screws. Clear mica: to make it visible in a photo it is laying on carbon paper.  Too small for KeroSun heaters. $9.95

Medium Medium size uncut Mica Window, 3'' x 4''. Fits KeroSun heaters. Heavyweight, very nice mica rectangular sheets with square corners.  Cut with scissors. $9.95

Large, uncut Mica window (4'' x 5'') for multiple purposes such as Perfection and KOGY heaters, sad iron heater windows. Easily cut with scissors.  No notches; heavyweight mica.

Round 3 1/4" mica window for Aladdin Blue Flame heaters.  Genuine Aladdin, part #P151603.  One per package.  $9.95   

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Igniters for Kerosene Heaters

Most kerosene heaters use a battery powered electric ignition system, with a thin coil of wire heating to cherry red to ignite the fuel in the wick.  If the coil becomes damaged, electric ignition is impossible.

The #1 igniter is the most commonly used....KeroSun, Toyostove, Corona, etc.  It has the heating coil at a right angle to the tabs on the base.  The #2 igniter has an in-line coil with flat tabs.  The #3 igniter is the second most-used igniter (Dyna Glo, Heat Mate, etc), and is recognized because the coil and the tabs (or pins) at the base are in the same alignment.  The #4 igniter is rarely used, and is a wafer style igniter.   (See Complete Igniter list)

If you are going through igniters fairly fast, it could be because you are not burning the wick dry often enough.  When a fiberglass wick becomes coated with a tar and carbon buildup it causes the individual fibers to become stiff and splay outward.  That makes it easy for a single fiber to catch on the igniter and rip the igniter coil.

Click on the image above to enlarge it.






IG -1

Type A Universal Igniter; all KeroSun, Corona, etc. 


IG -2

Type C - 55 Pull-Type Igniter. Limited use; used in Hamai 24, Sanyo 30, 41, 42 , 300, 510, Yuasa 10, 40, 50


IG -3

Type B - 56 Igniter. Dyna Glo, Crestline, Hamai, Hitachi, NEC, Noble Warm, Sanyo, Toshiba, Turco, Yuasa


IG -4

Type D - 154 Igniter: Aladdin TR-2000, TR-3000, Comfort Glow R 10500, Sears 350110



Igniter tip for new MGN/ HMN/CTN-110 radiant heaters. Part #OSCT138.  See on page 14 of owner's manual (click here), part #38.

Click image to enlarge

Available only from importer Sengoku. 877-438-4328

Replacement Wick Knobs

Replacement wick raising knob, fits many newer convection heaters like Heat Mate, DynaGlo with straight shaft only. Diameter, 1 3/4'', height 1 5/8''; (Image above right)  Both knobs for 1/4" straight shaft with a flat.     > Convection heater >>>



Replacement wick raising knob, fits many newer radiant heaters such as CT1100 with straight shaft with flat only.  Will not fit some Aladdin heaters with flanged shaft. Diameter 2 1/16", height 1"      > Radiant heater >>>


Kero-Sun & Corona Parts, plus a few others


Corona 23-DK wick sleeve.  The Corona 22DK was a transition model using an unpinned wick and a pinned wick sleeve.  That pinned wick sleeve was very fragile as the pins could easily break off and that particular wick sleeve is no longer unavailable.  The 23-DK wick sleeve can be used with pinned wick #3B in the older 22-DK heater.

22-DK sleeve (no longer available)

23-DK wick sleeve fits both 22-DK & 23-DK


103-09C Wick Sleeve/Holder 22DK and 23DK -

Out of stock


Heat Mate HMN/CTN wick control knob for single lever wick raiser #OSCT 124


Heat Mate radiant heater fuel tank cap, models -1101.


CTN/HMN 110 Control knob, #OSCT124 (Photo, click here)


Fuel tank cap, Moonlighter to Omni 105N, others.  Part #20450124. Check owner's manual for part number, page 5



Wick adjuster knob; Moonlighter, Rainbow. Part #22748612. Photos > Knob profileKnob back


Wick adjuster knob; P75-36, Aladdin S181U, RK-75; Some Sharp and Sunbeam heaters.  Fits 1/4" shaft with winged flanges up to 3/4" wide.


Wick adjuster knob, Kogy or Cozy 100


Thumb Screws for tower cabinet; Various convection heaters. White.


Wire Coil

SMALL Wire Coil for over burner unit of various small radiant heaters. About 3" diameter.  Soft wire is easy to bend or expand to the shape and size desired. 
Wicks to 2 15/16" diameter


P100-29 Knob Dial Spring for many Aladdin & Radiant King heaters (Not guaranteed to fit all Aladdin and Radiant King heater models.)



The chimney glass listed below is available for special order - the only chimney glass in stock has an "Add-to-Cart" button on that line.  Measurements listed are for the outside height and outside width of the existing chimney glass.  Some listings are not by heater make and model, just by size.  If you are interested in ordering one of these glass chimneys, send me an e-mail, please.  Out-of-US shipping requires extra postage.

"In an emergency you can glue the glass cylinders on kerosene heaters with ordinary Window Silicone Sealant."   Larry Piscopo

Stock #

Fits models:




Spec. order

Pyrex 77-CBG

Corning Glass Basket Sleeve 77-CBG 7754 7756 8854 8856  

$14.95 each


See list below- ONE ONLY!

3 5/16"

4 9/16"



ALADDIN B-231 TempRite 95, B-331 TempRite 11, S-481U TempRite 10. ONE ONLY

3 9/16"

5 1/4"



Turco 2015 Plantation, 2016 Carlton, 2018, 4020 Citadel, 4025 Citadel II; Union-Terma 12F

4 5/8"

4 13/16"



Turco 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010.  Burn Chamber Substitute glass cylinder, #2710670   ONE ONLY

2 5/8"

4 3/4"




4 7/8"

3 "


Chimney Glass # M60  (3-5/16" High X 4-9/16" O. D.) Reportedly fits:   (Measure first!)

  • COMFORT GLOW GRW-8B, GR-8X, GR-9, GR-9A, GR-9B, GRF-9, GRF-9A, GRF-9B, R10000
  • CRESTLINE Models: 3530, 3531...63203, 63205, 63206.
    ENERGY MART Models: EM-M221, EM-F221.
  • ENVIROTEMP - 30462 (9500 BTU)
    FUJISUN Model: KK-01.
  • HAMAI - Models HKS-24, HKS-100
    HANDY MASTER Model: HM-10.
    KOEHRING Models: KRB-93A, KR-9, KRD-93, A, KRF-9A, KRF-93, A .
    NATIONAL Models: OS222, 2300R .
    PANASONIC Models: OS-26, OS-26X, OS-26SB, OS-224, OS-224X, OS-224XB, OS-224XC, OS-F224, OS-F224, KK-01,
    SANYO - Models OHRG-25A, OHR-280.
    SEARS Models: 35000, 402020, 402040, 402050, 402080, 402090, 402110, 402120, 402160, 402170. SUNWISE Model: SPR-95
    TOUCH N' GLOW Models: CR-8, CR-9, CRF-9.
    TOYOKUNI model 84 EU

Handy Hearth: H 3.5"; W 5".   Not available in the list above.

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Heater Information below

Lamp Wicks:

Center Draft Wicks - Wicks available only from this Wick Shop.

Flat lamp wicks

Aladdin Lamp Wicks & parts

Lamp Chimneys:

Center Draft Lamp chimneys
from Junior "Tiny" to Mammoth lamps.

Fabulous "Sans Rival" borosilicate chimney for 14''' Kosmos lamps

Student Lamp Sans Rival Chimney with 1 7/8" fitter!!!

Standard glass lamp chimneys

Sonnenbrenner Lamp Chimneys

Information on lamps:

Center Draft Kerosene Lamps
(Photos, information and history, etc)

Photos of restored center draft lamps 

Care, Feeding and Restoration of Center Draft Lamps (and wick installation for many)

Center Draft Lamp manufacturers and brand names

Lamp Chimneys - Dimension of nominal base diameter by make, model and "line".

Early American Metal Font & Specialty Lamps

Aladdin Lamp History

Aladdin Lamp Wicks & Chimneys,

Aladdin - Exploded burner views

Kosmos-Brenner lamps and wicks

Flame Spreaders and "Smoke Consumers" from Alex Marrack

  • Vulcan, Imperial, Veritas, Belgian, Hinks, Messenger's, Young's Court, etc.

    Articles by Alex Marrack:

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Butterfly A-822, 22 wick
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Butterfly #2487, 16 wick stove Butterfly #2412 Pressure Stove; instructions for virtually any pressure stove.

Butterfly #2418 Double Burner Stove; good with any gravity flow stove.

Butterfly #2421 Oven for Kerosene Stoves

Butterfly #2641, 10 Wick Stove -
the least expensive emergency stove.

Butterfly #2698 Cook Stove -
THE Best Heavy Duty Cook Stove.

Butterfly #828R Pressure Lantern;
same for most pressure lanterns.

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