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Photo Album

Center Draft & Side Draft Lamp Wick Assembly Photos

Wick Sleeves and Burners below







#0L.  3/4" Center Draft Circular wick (1 1/4" x 7 3/4" flat).  For Miniature Table Lamps, some "Finger Lamps,"  Manhattan Student lamp, the tiny Juno, Royal metal miniature lamps, etc.  Click on any image to enlarge it.

#1R.  1" Rayo Jr. Center Draft Circular wick (1 11/16" flat x 7 7/8", 16 "line"').  For Rayo Jr. lamps and other circa 1900 lamps which use a 1" diameter wick.  Some references call this a #1 wick.

#2L.  Rayo, B & H, Miller, Parker and other "GWTW" lamps taking a 1 1/2" diameter circular wick, 7 1/2" long (2 1/2" flat, 30 "line"'). 

#2B.    Slightly thicker and longer than the Rayo wick above,  1 1/2" diameter circular wick, 8 3/4" long (2 1/2" flat). 30 "line"'. 

#3L.  Store Lamp. Center Draft Circular Wick. EXCLUSIVE! Specially made for me by Hattersley in England for lamps such as Rochester Lamp Co store lamps.  When measured flat, wick is approx 4 3/16" wide and 9 1/2" long. 

Wick Sleeves and Assemblage  (Click on photos to enlarge them.)

Miller Sleeves and assemblies first

Baby Rochester factory wick wired installation

The Baby Rochester did not have a unique corrugated band to secure the wick in place.  Instead the wick was wired securely to the wick sleeve, as shown at right.

Typical Miller and Rochester, 1885 to 1892.  Extremely simple sleeve with rod wick riser.  The wick is installed down over the wick sleeve until about 1 1/2'' of wick is exposed above the wick sleeve. That necessitates slitting one side seam of the wick higher.
The original band is then wrapped around the wick to secure the wick in place.
Miller Vestal #2 burner.  The wick sleeve is shown. The center draft tube is 1.43'' in diameter and the wick gap is constricted because of the thicker wick sleeve for the wick to fit INSIDE the wick sleeve. This is why the Vestal/New Vestal lamps require a thinner #2 size wick.  (More images of Miller Vestal burners:  12, 3
Miller New Juno wheel riser, moves vertical wick riser rod slowly for sensitive adjustments of the flame height yet also permits the rod to be slammed down to shut off the lamp.
Miller Meteor and Liberty Burner Parts.

Click on the images to enlarge them >

More Miller burners

Miller made a number of different "0" size burners in various configurations.  Most used wick #0S.  The "Ideal" Student Lamp requires a custom wick slightly smaller than wick #0S, but there was also Miller "0" Student Lamp using wick #0S.  Note the difference in the wick sleeves of the two images below.

Miller 0-size Student Lamp
Note the wick sleeve:  this lamp requires wick #0S
Miller 0 IDEAL Student lamp
Different burner and wick sleeve: this lamp requires a custom wick.
Rochester #2 Sleeve and band Rochester #2 assembled
Tiny Miller. The cap must be removed. It is a bayonet mount. Use wick #0S. Miller 0 wick sleeve Miller 0 burner parts and wick raiser. Raise wick as high as it will go, unscrew the bottom thumb screw on the rod, then the upper thumb screw to remove the rod so the wick sleeve can be removed.

Wick assemblies other than Miller (not in any particular order)

DHR (Den Haan) 15''' Matador Kosmos side draft >
French pump lamp parts 15''' L&B side draft, 1878. 15''' L&B side draft, burner apart
 L&B 20''' burner apart

Veritas "The Reader" apart, burner with new wick installed

Gerbruder Brenner burner Gerbruder Brenner burner gallery removed P&A #2 Royal Wick sleeve
Soleil before restoration. Note the short burning wick is fed by a loose weave feeder wick. Those are the original wicks! Ditmar Soleil burner parts Soleil wick petals
Heinrichs and Knopp original wick installation, Student Lamp, Dec. 24, 1872 - original wick. Heinrichs and Knopp outer wick sleeve. Kleeman wick chase

If the wick chase for a Manhattan Student lamp is lost or missing the dimensions above can help make a new one.


Manhattan Student Lamp outer tube &

Manhattan Student Lamp burner

Manhattan Student Lamp wick chase

drip cup
W&W French Garden Lamp apart, see assembled lamp here  30''' Veritas apart, ready to assemble Kleeman wick raiser

New Success wick installed.  Photo shows the lift gallery. The original chimneys were simply soda/ash/lime glass, very fragile. The ends of the chimneys were just cut off square. Every time the chimney was removed to light a lamp and then replaced the bottom edge suffered from "flea bites" (conchoidal fractures). Those "flea bites" were stress raisers. When glass heats it expands. Bingo, a cracked chimney. The lift gallery prolonged chimney life because it could be raised to light the wick and lowered again without having touched the chimney.

Cheap chimneys still suffer conchoidal fractures and short working life. That is why I have my borosilicate chimneys "flame cut" to smooth and seal the ends. It takes time to do it right, is all hand work, and therefore costs more.



Veritas 20''' wick assembly

Veritas 20''' wick.  Cut notch to 4" from top.

Veritas petals for covering the wick.

Veritas  burner - side view clasp

Veritas burner - side view

Veritas petals up

RV Importe Burner parts, a 16''' side draft Central Vulcan

16''' RV Importe - new wick installed

Made by Wild & Wessel for
Robert & Villette, Paris & Bordeaux

Wild & Wessel 14''' Globe Vulcan, center draft

W&W 16''' Central Vulcan, side draft

W&W 18''' Central Vulcan, side draft

Wild & Wessel 14''' Globe Vulcan, center draft, parts and original wick.

16''' Globe Vulcan burner with unusual bayonet fitter.

W&W Agni-Brenner 20''' side draft, a form of Vulcan using an 18''' Vulcan chimney

W&S 18''' Central Vulcan, center draft. Note bottom of draft tube is open. With lift gallery.

W&W 18''' Central Vulcan, center draft.

W&W 18''' Central Vulcan, center draft, showing wick pockets

30''' W&W Central Vulcan side draft; bottom of draft tube closed

30''' W&W Central Vulcan center draft

30''' W&W Central Vulcan side draft

30''' W&W Globe Vulcan burner, apart, showing the wick pockets on the wick sleeve.  Vulcan wicks are unlike any other center draft lamp wicks, but I can make them.

The photo above shows the slots for the 3 tails of the wick. The tails fit first though the slots above, then on down through the pockets shown at left.  The flame spreader support is visible in the draft tube.

30''' Globe Vulcan burner assembled. Note this is a true center draft  burner.





  Toronto Light King Lamp

Toronto Light King, inside wick sleeve. Toronto Light King wick sleeve and gallery Toronto Light King, gallery removed

Toronto Light King draft tube, center rod moves flame spreader up by pushing the lever (center photo) down. Very rare lamp, apparently made only in 1884 and 1885. 

Toronto Light King went bankrupt in 1885. The tooling may have been sold to Bristol Brass and identical lamps sold as the Drummond Electric Lamp in 1888.

Toronto Light King Lamp. Chimney 3" fitter. Missing flame spreader.

The History of the Toronto Light King Lamp, by Peter Brickell   (pdf.)


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