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Glass Lamp Chimneys

These are standard glass chimneys of high quality 

Kosmos Chimney Base Diameters - Kosmos Lamp Wicks

Chimneys on this page:
 Angle Lamp top, Belge Olga,
15''` MatadorKosmos,

(Out-of-US Delivery and quantity of chimneys per order - See Below)

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6''' Kosmos chimney  1.360" base, 8 1/2" tall;  #23-0110 Standard Kosmos lamps


8''' & 10''' Kosmos chimney  1.500" base, 9 1/4" tall;  #23-0111 Standard Kosmos lamps


12''' Kosmos chimney  1.725" base, 10 1/8" tall Standard Kosmos lamps


More info 1 7/8" Student Lamp Chimney, Sans Rival design, 1.888" base diameter, 10 3/4" tall borosilicate glass


More info 14''' Sans Rival chimney  borosilicate 


15''` Matador
Bohemian Glass, made in CZ
2.068" slip, 8 1/4" tall
1.2" to bulge, bulge 2.945" wide

Stock #23-0120
Handy short chimney for finger or carrying lamps such as the Kosmos Concierge.
#15 line Kosmos lamps with flame spreaders. Short chimney for use in hanging and bracket lamps.


More info 20''' Matador chimney, 2.470" - 2.485" fitter (tapered), 10.5" tall Borosilicate glass OUT OF STOCK


For shipping out of the US extra postage is required. Click here. 

For very small Nutmeg burners.

1 1/8'' fitter, 5 1/2'' tall.



Gem Lotus Chimney
1 5/8'' base x 5'' tall 
Cute little chimney for some lamps using 1.4'' and 3/8'' wide wicks.
Stock #23-0208
Fits various small decorative lamps.


Belge Olga Chimney
Bohemian Glass, made in CZ
1.903" slip, 10" tall
1.567" throat
1.144" height to bulge
2.503" bulge

Stock #23-0065
Fits Miller #1 lamps, others, including the small L&B Belgian center draft lamp, Veritas "The Reader," Hinks Coronation Hand Lamp, Silber burner


Angle Lamp Opal Chimney Top. Thick glass, very smooth, ground top and bottom.  Good for use in high traffic areas where breakage of an expensive chimney could make you cry. 
Stock ID: 25-001

Angle Lamps

Made in the 1980's by the last USA maker of Angle Lamp chimneys.


Limit one chimney per order

Angle Lamp Clear Crystal Chimney Top.  Best buy in Angle lamp tops. Close out prices.  Made in USA.
Stock ID: 25-002

Angle Lamps

For maximum light transmission


Limit one chimney per order

EXTRA POSTAGE is required to ship chimneys out of the US!!!  The vast majority of my sales are heater and lamp wicks. Postage is calculated for those lighter products.  Chimneys are heavier and MUST be shipped in a thick, sturdy box to withstand rough handling and arrive unbroken.  I refuse to raise my postage rates for heater wicks to effectively subsidize overseas mailing of chimneys.  See below for the extra postage costs REQUIRED for out-of-US mailing of chimneys AND the quantity limitations per order for safe and secure packaging. (Click here The same quantity limitations per order apply for chimneys shipped to US addresses, but extra postage is not required.

Above chimneys (except Angle Lamp) mailed to Canada, same quantity limits as below. All other out-of-US countries, see below.


Kosmos chimneys=  Extra Postage Required for Delivery beyond North America  = Two chimney limit per order!


2" to 3" = chimneys  Extra Postage Required for Delivery beyond North America  = ONE chimney limit per order!


Angle Lamp Chimney Tops are large and heavy and will only be shipped out of the US by special order and quote for the amount of extra postage required.  Email for quote.


Kosmos Lamps, Rough measurements

Ligne size Outer wick tube diameter Wick width Chimney base diameter
6'' 0.575" 1 3/8" 1 5/16"
8''' 0.620'' 1 5/8" 1 7/16" - 1 1/2''
10''' 0.668" 1 7/8" 1 7/16" - 1 1/2"
12''' 0.724" 2 1/8" 1 7/8"
14''' 0.900" 2 9/16" 2.0" to 2 1/16"
16''' 0.916" 2 3/4" some 2.0" to 2 1/4"
18''' 1.226" 2 3/4" some 2 7/16"
20''' 1.387'' 3 5/8" 2 7/16"
24" Varies 4" varies





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20''` neoVulcan Matador - New!

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Fabulous "Sans Rival" borosilicate chimney for 14''' Kosmos lamps

Student Lamp Sans Rival Chimney with 1 7/8" fitter!!!

Angle Lamp chimneys

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