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Globe Vulcan (Central Vulcan) Chimneys & Wicks
14''', 16''', 18''', 24''' & 30'''

Also fit some Agni & Kronos Lamps

W&W Patents, W&W Imperial, Side Draft, Center Draft, Kosmos,
"Search lamp," Flame Spreaders
History, W&W advertisements
W&W Agni Brenner chimneys

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The Safe Use of Kerosene Lamps

Registered Design Numbers For British Lamps

Emil Wild was perhaps the most brilliant lamp engineer who ever lived.  His designs were exceptionally clean burning and by far the most versatile of any lamp created.  The 18''', for example, was made as a true Kosmos wick side draft with a flat wick (the Imperial burner), a circular wick side draft and a circular wick central draft (Globe/Central Vulcan) and a 20''' Kosmos version with a thimble flame spreader (Agni-Brenner) sold in Europe, all of which used the same chimney!  

The 30''' Globe Vulcan was perhaps the ultimate "White Light" burner, a lamper's dream furnace, producing incredible light as well as heat.

In Germany, these were labeled "Central Vulkan" lamps,  in the UK "Globe Vulcan".

Dimensions of: 14''' 16''' 18''' 24''' 30''' 50'''
Wick width 1 7/16" 1 3/4" 1 7/8" 2 1/4" 2 3/4" ?
Chimney Base 2" 2 1/4" 2 7/16" 2 3/4" 3 1/8" 3 7/8"


Wild & Wessel of Berlin developed the "Kosmos" burner in 1865, where a flat-wick is formed round. By the early 1880's their absolutely perfected Kosmos burner was being imported into the US as the "Imperial" burner by Bennet B. Schneider; in England it was imported by Catterson as a center or side-draft draft burner  as the "Globe Vulcan" burner using a post-style flame spreader and a unique wick.  In the US, the Imperial burner was used as a replacement for a duplex burner originally fitted on the lamp. Most of the lamps using the Imperial/Vulcan burners were table lamps, but a few were large, elegant banquet lamps.  My 1884 B&H Imperial is shown at right.  Other Vulcan lamps and burners are shown on the lamp photo page, lower right  column.

The Wild & Wessel Imperial/Vulcan chimney was very unusual, with a wasp-waist below a tall flame spreader.  Without the correct flame spreader and chimney, these lamps burn poorly at best.  With the correct flame spreader, wick and chimney, they burn magnificently! The Imperial 18''' was a true Kosmos wick style, 3 5/8" flat wick, yet was a Vulcan using the 18''' Vulcan chimney. The 18''' "Central" Vulcan burners were EITHER side draft OR center draft but used the same wick and chimney. The reason for the side draft Central Vulcan burners was so they could be used on glass and fancy fonts where a draft tube was impossible. Absolutely nobody but Wild & Wessel had three different configurations for the same flame spreader and chimney. No other chimney will work on this lamp to produce a decent burn except the original design...chimneys and wicks have not been available for many decades - until now!!!  These chimneys are made from borosilicate glass in a mold made from a signed original 1884 W&W chimney.  Alex Marrack makes reproduction flame spreaders so there is no excuse for not burning these magnificent lamps.  (For more on these lamps, click here.)

ALL Vulcan chimneys made from tempered borosilicate glass!!!!

The automatic postage is calculated by the amount of the item, NOT the weight or size. 

Postage is now incremental by weight, NOT by the piece.  1 to 8 ounces to England, for example, is $18.95; the next jump is 9 ounces to 2 lbs being $28.95.  I only want to break even on postage so I refund down to the actual cost of postage when I receive an order.

Vulcan chimneys will weigh more than 8 ounces when properly boxed for safety, so the total amount of shipping to Europe should be $28.95, quite a refund from the $58.95 for shipping charged on the PayPal checkout page!!!

NEW!!!  14''' Vulcan, Agni & Kronos chimneys! Wild & Wessel lamps made in 14''' size are exceedingly rare and were essentially hand made to order - they were not even listed in the W&W catalog! YOU MUST MEASURE YOUR lamp base-to-top of the draft tubes to know if this_chimney will fit your lamp to determine if the flame spreader disk is up into the bulge. (Click here to see photo of measurement required.) For reference, my Catterson Globe Vulcan wears a 1.28'' to the pinch chimney and the flame spreader disk is 1.75'' above the chimney seat but the flame spreader is a thimble style which may be unique. The patented 14''' Vulcan flame spreader measurements are here.

14''' Vulcan, Agni & Kronos chimneys, side draft and center draft. Also for "15''' Odin burners sold by DHR.
    1.1" (28mm) to pinch.  See  above.
2.10'' (53.3mm) Base fitter,
10'' (254mm) tall = 
2.6'' (66m) bulge.

Globe Vulcan 16'''_Chimney, side draft and center draft for Central Vulcan and Globe Vulcan lamps.

2.280'' fitter (57.91mm), 11.5'' (292mm) tall
Special wasp-waist as per the original German design by Emil Wild.
Thickness:  2/32"
Glass weight:  5.1 oz.
Shipping wt:  1 lb.
Made in USA of
fully annealed heat resistant borosilicate glass

  <<<16''' Central Vulcan burning

16''' Globe/Central Vulcan chimney - $54.95 -

Imperial / Globe Vulcan 18''' Chimney, side draft and center draft for Central Vulcan and Globe Vulcan lamps ("Imperial" burner made to fit American duplex thread size, made by W&W for Bennet B. Schneider (B.B.S) for sale in the US). (Also fits some 20''' Agni-Brenner lamps (see below).  Check the base height if you have a 20''' Agni burner.  An 18''' Vulcan has the disk 1.043'' to 1.172'' above the draft tube. The height to the pinch in the chimney is 1.692'', so the flame spreader disk is about 0.640'' above the pinch in the chimney. The dimensions of an 18''' Vulcan flame spreader are here.

2 7/16" fitter (2.412", 62mm), 11 1/2" (292mm) tall
Special wasp-waist as per the original German design by Emil Wild.
Thickness:  2/32"
Glass weight:  5.1 oz.
Shipping wt:  1 lb.
Made in USA of
fully annealed heat resistant borosilicate glass.

Imperial, Globe/Central 18''' Vulcan Chimney - $54.95

20''' Agni chimney, some Kronos lamps. 2.465" slip, 12" tall.  1.25" (31.75mm) height from base to the center of pinch.  More information, click here.  $54.95   IN STOCK

Globe Vulcan 24''' Chimney

2.841" fitter (72.17mm), 12 1/4" (311mm) tall
Special wasp-waist as per the original German design by Emil Wild.
Thickness:  0.060" - 1.55mm
Glass weight:  7.4 oz.
Shipping wt:  2 lb.
Made in USA of
fully annealed heat resistant borosilicate glass

Click on the image at right to expand it to see the chimney and measurements.


24''' Globe Vulcan Chimney - $59.95   IN STOCK

Globe Vulcan 30''' Chimney

3.182" fitter (80..82mm), 12 5/8" (321mm) tall
Special wasp-waist as per the original German design by Emil Wild.
Thickness:  0.060" - 1.55mm
Glass weight:  8.5 oz.
Shipping wt:  2 lb.
Made in USA of
fully annealed heat resistant borosilicate glass

Click on the image at right to expand it to see the chimney and measurements.

Note: The 1933 Veritas catalog lists a 50''' Vulcan chimney having a 3 7/8'' base diameter. I have never even seen a reference to a 50''' Vulcan lamp so they must be exceedingly rare.


30''' Globe Vulcan Chimney - $69.95  IN STOCK

Chimneys are well protected in sturdy boxes for safely shipping without breakage, but that weight combined with postage rate increases for boxed items that went into effect on Jan. 18, 2016, mandate only one or two chimneys per order, please.

Vulcan Wicks

As of September 10, 2021 I can sew some custom wicks again.  Please inquire via email (  for your individual wick requirements.

The surgery (fusing) of both thumbs and 3 carpal tunnel surgeries have taken their toll on the dexterity and stamina in my hands and I am still recovering from a total reverse shoulder replacement.

Please ask first before ordering the custom wicks

Custom, hand-made Wicks for W&W Vulcan lamps, for either side or bottom draft are available by special request only.

The automatic postage is calculated by the amount of the item, NOT the weight or size. 

Postage is now incremental by weight, NOT by the piece.  1 to 8 ounces to England, for example, is $18.95; the next jump is 9 ounces to 2 lbs being $28.95.  I only want to break even on postage so I refund down to the actual cost of postage when I receive an order.

Two of the Vulcan wicks will weigh less than 8 ounces so the total amount of shipping should be $18.95, quite a refund from the $58.95 for shipping charged on the PayPal checkout page!!! 

14''' W&W 14' Central Vulcan wick, draft tube 0.682" (2 tails)  $24.95

16''' W&W 16''' Central Vulcan wick, draft tube 0.082' (2 tails)   $24.95

18''' Imperial Vulcan Kosmos flat wick for Imperial burner marked B.B.S. (Bennett B. Schneider),  3 5/8" x 8" (86mm), 30''' flat wick for Brenner Ideal #20i Burner/ Trawler Lamp;  $11.75

18''' W&W 18''' Central Vulcan wick, draft tube 0.98" , 0.092" thick (2 tails)  $24.95

24''' W&W 24''' Central Vulcan wick  (3 tails)  $29.95

30''' W&W 30''' Central Vulcan wick   (3 tails)  $29.95

30''' W&W "Search" center draft 30''' lamp wick.  1.480" draft tube. Circular wick.  Inquire.

30''' Wild & Wessel 30' Kosmos Vulcan wick. 48mm outer tube, 38mm draft tube.  Flat wick 5.5'' wide.  (Photos of 30''' Kosmos Vulcan burner, click)

Center and side-draft Vulcan wicks were made with a solid top section. The tails were pulled down through "pockets" to secure the base of the upper solid section against a groove in the burner, thus eliminating the wick gap common to many other lamps. This wick design was complicated but eliminated the possibility of fuel fumes from escaping from the font and igniting as fuel vapor. There were no standards for fuel prior to 1908 and some refineries produced "kerosene" with a considerable "aromatic" or volatile content such as gasoline!  More vehicles available in 1908 meant more gasoline had to be refined (or separated from other refined fuels) to fill that market niche.

My custom wicks are made using original wicks as samples for diameter, width, and thickness of the burning section as well as thickness of the "tails" for proper capillary action to sustain a full burn as originally designed.  They do not look the same as original Vulcan wicks because that is impossible without the original looms, but they fit and function just as well as the original wicks.

24''' W&W Central Vulcan wicks >>>>>

Catterson 18''' Globe Vulcan

Perfectly even flame with custom wick.

Above, Rob Gregor's 18''' Central Vulcan with full curl burn with my custom wick.

Alex Marrack's test of the my 18''' Central Vulcan wick:  "Yes, it is 'as good as old' .. worked to the bottom of the fount without flagging flame or burnback of the wick."

W&W Patents

The first W&W Vulkan patent was applied for on Dec. 8, 1881.  Note there as a flame spreader.  The Henkle US patent for a flame spreader is dated Jan. 15, 1884.  L&B could well have had a post-type flame spreader in 1879 for center draft lamps and a thimble style flame spreader for Kosmos Matador burners in 1879.

This patent drawing has a 6-tailed wick.  I have  not seen any examples of this wick or burner, but they may exist in private collections.  This patent was modified in 1884 for a 2-tailed wick (see below).


At right, the 1884 modification of the 6-tailed wick to a 2-tailed wick dated 1884.  This patent is for a side draft "Central Vulcan" burner.  The wick carrier has the distinctive wick "pockets" for the tails, and the base of the carrier is solid and holds the bottom of the gear toothed lift rod.  Note also the unique safety feature of Central Vulcan burners:  the wick tails go through slots in the bottom of the burner and the circular section of wick above the tails seals off the font.  Fuel in the 1880's was of variable quality and some fuel was quite volatile.

Below we can see why the Imperial burner marketed in the US was not called an Imperial-Vulcan.  The German patent for the Imperial Vulcan is dated July, 1888, 4 years after the Imperial was sold in the US.

W&W listing in the 1911 Goldberg catalog.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

German Patent application of Dec. 28, 1884 for a Vulcan chimney.

American patent  for Imperial Kosmos, Aug. 19, 1884 Patent application for Kosmos Vulkan dated July 16, 1888. 

W&W_advertisements, 1906 Goldberg catalog (Click images to enlarge in a separate window.)

The Kosmos-Vulcan appears to be the same burner as sold in the US as the Imperial, but the Imperial was only sold in 18''' size. These lamps used the unique Vulcan chimney and a flat wick turned round, Kosmos style. In essence, the top of the burner was Vulcan, the bottom was Kosmos. The Central-Vulkan above left was a side-draft  burner with a Vulcan post-type flame spreader and used a 2-tailed Vulcan wick.  The Agni burner was shaped differently and is shown with a thimble flame spreader and used a flat wick Kosmos style. The Agni also had a wick guide, unlike the Kosmos-Vulkan at left. Vulkan-Universallampes were true center draft designs but used a 2-tailed Vulcan wick  (14''', 16''' & 18''') or 3 tailed wick (24''' & 30''') with a post-type flame spreader and Vulcan chimney. All had wick guides with ''pockets'' below the burner. This burner was also used on fancier true center draft fonts, unlike the burners at left.

Wick Knobs

Knob from 16''' Agni

Catterson Vulcan knob

R.V. Vulcan knob

Universallampe knob

Kosmos-Vulcan 30''' knob

Imperial knob

"Search" knob

16''' Vulkan knob


First, my latest Central Vulkan, a 16''' side draft.

More W&W Vulcan Burners are below

Wick knob with "Central Vulkan" spelling but intended for sale in the UK.  The English D.R. Patent of 18574 indicates the lamp was made in the latter part of 1884.  This lamp does not have the "Catterson" plate, so it  could pre-date the UK import agreement between W&W and Catterson.  The burner on this lamp is so perfect after 131 years that is provides a terrific example of how the burner was made (see below). (Photo of glass insert font, click here.)

16''' Lamp assembled

W&W Vulcan Lamp Construction

Outer wick tube

Note the seam inside the tube.  The tubes were flat stock formed round, not drawn tubes!

The outer wick tube at right covers the assembly above.

Polished so well there is no visible seam on the outside of the tube!

Wick would be lowered in the photo above. Notice the position of the wick guide clips and complexity/quality build.

The photo above shows the wick sleeve raised. The burner then fits into the glass insert font > (shown here without the gallery installed).

14''', 16''' and 18''' W&W Vulcan Burners, Side Draft and Center Draft

RV Importe Burner parts, a 16''' side draft Central Vulcan

16''' RV Importe - new wick installed

Made by Wild & Wessel for
Robert & Villette, Paris & Bordeaux

Wild & Wessel 14''' Globe Vulcan, center draft

W&W 16''' Central Vulcan, side draft

W&W 18''' Central Vulcan, side draft

Wild & Wessel 14''' Globe Vulcan, center draft, parts and original wick.

16''' Globe Vulcan burner (side draft) with unusual bayonet fitter for Brit Duplex fonts.

W&W Agni-Brenner 20''' side draft, a form of Vulcan using an 18''' Vulcan chimney

Unique Flame Spreaders!  W&W Vulcan lamps were hand made and many were unique unto themselves. Even the flame spreaders could be designs from different W&W lamps!  The height of the flame spreader disk could vary from one lamp to the next.

Right when you assume you have all the variations of Wild & Wessel lamps figured out, W&W throws in some odd ones.  Near right is a 14''' Globe Vulcan with an Agni-Brenner flame spreader without a post - a straight thimble flame spreader!

Far right is a 20''' Agni-Brenner with a Vulcan post-type flame spreader!  The Agni-Brenner is a true Kosmos style using a 3 9/16" thick,flat wick, uses an 18''' Vulcan chimney, but unlike the Imperial has a wick carrier.

The two variations above are not supposed to exist as they are not in the W&W catalog, but I have recently seen two more 14''' Vulcans (#1 and #2) and one more Agni. With more 14''' surfacing I had 14''' Vulcan/Agni chimneys made.
Center Draft 18''' Burners

W&W 18''' Central Vulcan, center draft. Note bottom of draft tube is open. With lift gallery.

W&W 18''' Central Vulcan, center draft.

W&W 18''' Central Vulcan, center draft, showing wick pockets

30''' W&W Central Vulcan, Kosmos Vulcan (side draft)

30''' W&W Central Vulcan side draft; bottom of draft tube closed.

30''' W&W Central Vulcan center draft.

30''' W&W Central Vulcan side draft.

30''' W&W Globe Vulcan center draft burner, apart, showing the wick pockets on the wick sleeve.  Vulcan wicks are unlike any other center draft lamp wicks, but I can make them.

The photo above shows the slots for the 3 tails of the wick. The tails fit first though the slots above, then on down through the pockets shown at left.  The flame spreader support is visible in the draft tube.

30''' Globe Vulcan burner assembled. Note this is a true center draft  burner requiring a draft tube.

The 30''' Globe Vulcan could be used in a heater body (left) or as a lamp (right). It burns so brightly the camera was overwhelmed by the light.

Lamp owned and photographed by Rob Gregor.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.


This series of 30''' Vulcan burners show the incredible genius of Emil Wild.  The burners above use the unique 3-tailed Vulcan wick in both side draft and center draft versions.  The side draft Vulcan burns above are not Kosmos burners because they have a tubular top section of wick above the 3 tails.

Below right is a 30''' Kosmos Vulcan burner which uses a very wide, thick flat wick. The burner details are shown.

The next section below shows a real center draft Vulcan burner (sold under the "Search" label) using a tubular wick. And all of these  30''' Vulcan burners use the same flame spreader and require the wasp-waist 30''' Vulcan chimney.


30''' Kosmos Vulcan wick knob


30''' Kosmos Vulcan burner

Bottom of 30''' Kosmos Vulcan burner.

Burner markings show this lamp was intended for the French and British market.  The British patent number indicates manufacture in 1884.

Burner with sleeve at left removed, showing the unique perforated inside tube.

18''' Imperial Vulcan

At right is a B&H "Imperial" lamp.  The contrasting colors - bottom polished brass, center silver, top polished brass - are highlighted beautifully. 

The Imperial burner unit is a Kosmos-Brenner type flat wick burner using a 3 5/8" wide wick. This is a rare non-circular wick B&H lamp with a drop-in fount. It was apparently sold with a duplex wick burner and retrofitted with an Imperial burner made by Wild & Wessel in Berlin, Germany, imported by Bennet B. Schneider. 

Now that a marked 30''' Kosmos Vulcan has surfaced (above) which is essentially a scaled up version of the Imperial burner, it can be stated with certainty that the Imperial burner marketed in the US really is a Vulcan burner.

Imperial/Vulcan Flame Spreader

Flame spreader in burner

"Tulip" flame shape

Rare original Imperial Vulcan chimney

Another Imperial or two

This lamp appears to have been entirely made by W & W rather than being a burner adapted to a duplex lamp font.  The burner is larger and heavier than the B&H Imperial's burner (above) with the same patent date.  The font is cast brass, not turned or formed.  It is heavy.  This lamp was sold by "SHREVE CRUMP & LOW MFG CO BOSTON" as marked on a brass plate on the bottom of the font: the company was founded before the Revolution, across the street from Paul Revere's silversmith shop, and is still in business.

This lamp is illustrated wearing one of my Imperial/Vulcan chimneys and an Alex Marrack flame spreader.

The flame spreaders for these lamps have been almost always lost over the years.  Precise new flame spreaders made to original specifications are available from Alex Marrack in England.

I now have new Vulcan chimneys!

18''' Imperial burner (near right) on a P&A Duplex peg font.   The font is sitting in a base I made from cedar -  something needs to be done to hold a peg font upright.


30''' "Search" Center Draft Vulcan

This 30''' Search burner is a true center draft burner using a conventional tubular wick of the exact same diameter as a 30''' Central or Globe Vulcan burner.  It is the exact opposite of the 30''' Kosmos Vulcan above.  This huge burner weighs almost a pound by itself! 

Though not signed as a W&W burner, the gallery is the same as other 30''' Vulcan burners and the techniques of using flat stock formed round instead of tubing; soldering so precise the solder line is only visible with a magnifier on the inside surface of parts, and the same gear track as the 30''' Vulcan burner above demonstrates this is a W&W burner.

Liverpool Lamp & Hardware sold lamps under the trade name "Search."  Some Search brand lamps were made by Sherwoods.  The catalog page at left from Liverpool's 1904 catalog shows a W&W universallampe font, identifying the lamp as a W&W.  Search lamps were NOT Vulcan lamps, they were conventional straight, tubular wick center draft lamp designs as shown above.

Catalog page at left and information courtesy of Alex Marrack.

Globe Vulcan lamp size comparison

Left to right above, 14''' Catterson center draft Globe Vulcan with Agni draft tube and flame spreader. 16''' Central Vulcan side draft burner, "R V Importe" for the French market, in 20''' L&B side draft font.  18''' Central Vulcan center draft in copper W&W Universallampe font.  30''' Central Vulcan in W&W Universallampe font.  From my collection.

Non-Vulcan W&W Lamps

A few of my non-Vulcan W&W lamps, from 6'' to 10''', the lamp on the right is an Imperial (side-draft Kosmos Vulcan). 

A Beauty from Russia

The fabulous 8''' W&W Kosmos lamp shown at left is owned and was photographed by a wonderful W&W collector in Russia.  I had a computer crash and lost his email address - wish I could show more of his fabulous collection.


Fuel for Globe & Central Vulcan lamps

I burn mineral spirits (LOMS) or a combination of 50% kerosene and 50% mineral spirits in my Globe Vulcan lamps. With the Vulcan design burners, Emil Wild took capillary action to the extreme, really stressing the ability of the wick to supply the burner with sufficient fuel to produce the white light flame. LOMS is thinner and more volatile than kerosene and therefore has better `'wicking'' ability than pure kerosene and can properly feed to the top of the wick in a Vulcan. Kerosene is thicker and the result is fuel starvation which causes the wick to burn down much faster than when burning LOMS or a combination of LOMS and kerosene.

Dimensions of Vulcan Chimneys

For reference, here are the dimensions for 14''' and 16''' Vulcan chimneys.  These original, signed chimneys are from my own collection.  I also have an original 12'' Vulcan chimney. If there is any interest I could have the 12''' and 14''' Vulcan chimneys replicated in borosilicate glass.  Email me if interested.

Indicia detail on lamp shown at left.  Click photo to enlarge it. The measurements on the two chimneys shown can be read more easily by clicking on each photo to enlarge them.


Wild & Wessel lamp exports, US and UK Globe Vulcan by Catterson's

As mentioned above, Wild & Wessel of Berlin in 1865 developed the "Kosmos" burner.  Emil Wild was an undoubted genius at lamp designs.  His August 19, 1884 design for a burner with a flame spreader was sold in the US as an "Imperial" brand and in the UK under the "Vulcan" brand name (The Imperial patent was granted to Emil Wild of Berlin, Gemany, the assignor was Bennett B. Schneider of Orange, NJ.).  The unique chimney for that burner was also patented by Emil Wild.  Unfortunately, Emil Wild was apparently not an astute businessman.  From what I can determine, Wild had an exclusive import arrangement with Bradley & Hubbard in the US and Catterson's in the UK,  yet failed to put a performance clause in either contract.  B &H was far more concerned with marketing their new line of center draft lamps than trying to market the more expensive, exquisite Imperial burner.  And Catterson's in the UK was more interested in selling lamps in their London department store than actually working as a wholesale agent for the Vulcan line of lamps - to the point their Vulcan lamps actually had their own badge on the burner! (There are Vulcan lamps found in the UK without the Catterson's badge (I have one), so they apparently did some wholesale business.)  Thus Imperial and Vulcan lamps are quite rare, which is a real shame because they were one of the cleanest burning lamp designs ever produced.


W&W Vulcan chimneys appear to be the same as W&W Agni chimneys.  They are NOT the same.  The main dimensional change is the Agni chimney has a shorter height to the pinch.  Antonio Cota Fevereiro of Lisbon, Portugal, has contributed the magnificent photos and drawings below to show the difference in the two chimneys.  The Vulcan chimney has a base-to-pinch height 3cm (1.18") higher than the Agni, and an 18''' Vulcan chimney is 47mm (1.85") taller than a 20''' Agni chimney.  Click on the images below to enlarge them. 

Please note there were exceptions!  After Hugo Schneider purchased W&W in about 1902 they would apparently make up lamps with parts at hand.  I own a 14''' signed Globe Central Vulcan lamp with a factory-installed Agni flame spreader, and Collin in the UK has two 20''' Agni lamps with Vulcan flame spreaders!  If you need to know if your Agni will accept a Vulcan chimney, refer to the detailed measurements shown above and measure your lamp from the chimney base to the disk on the flame spreader.

Flame Spreaders

W&W Imperial Flame Spreader.  This 18''' flame spreader was used on most 18''' Vulcan lamps whether side draft, center draft or Kosmos, varying only in size from 14''' to 30'''. 

W&W Agni flame spreader with a post, but variations exist which are straight thimble flame spreaders as on my 14'''  true center draft Catterson Central Vulcan, shown above.


Composite from the W&W 1902 catalog

Left ^ 18''' Vulcan; Right, 20''' Agni


20'''' Agni left, 18''' Vulcan right

18''' Vulcan left, 20'' Agni right

Superimposed, Vulcan chimney in red. Note the pinch in the Vulcan chimney is noticeably narrower than the Agni.

Antonio noted "The Agni chimney works perfectly with Matador burners. The Matador chimney does not work with the Agnis, rather tricky..."

W&W BURNERS, 1864 TO 1894  (Click to enlarge the image)

              [Description of the burners, in German)


Some history of Catterson's as generously supplied by Rob Gregor in Australia

SP Catterson & Sons (Summarised version):-

Address was the Globe Lamp works, 87 to 89 Newington Causeway, Worthing, London SE1.

The Firm traded as "Lamp Manufacturers and Importers/Exporters" and their primary product line was Paraffin/Petroleum Lamps and Stoves. From the mid 1880's they exclusively sold limited quantities of the Wild & Wessel Lamps to one of the large London Department Stores and apparently had a small wholesale business in lamps as well.

They also had a smaller operation in Liverpool and that branch was called "The American Light Co" and it sold "Electrical Apparatus and Appliances".

In the 1930's, large sections of the UK economy were suffering contraction as a result of the "Great Depression" and Catterson's relatively narrow market segment had also contracted. Thus not only were they operating in a difficult economic environment but at that time they also became subject to serious and ongoing fraud by their head Cashier.

The fraud continued for at least 3 years due to inadequate internal controls and after it was finally detected and the culprit duly punished, it also resulted in a Court Case between Catterson's and their regular Auditors, in which they claimed the Auditors had been negligent by not detecting the fraud earlier.

It was noted by the Court that their Auditors had earlier advised Catterson's Directors on their business lacking adequate financial controls and they had also recommended a number of changes be made, but those were not put in place.

The following sequence of events is generally considered to have been the major factors in the business failure and they entered liquidation in 1937.

Contributing Factors

Catterson's, like many firms of their time, had underestimated the impact and the duration of the Western Worlds recession and they were also reluctant or unable to undertake rapid and significant restructuring. The financial cost from the long period of fraud was also significant and they then faced substantial costs from an unsuccessful Court Battle.

Court Decision (in summary):

SP Catterson & Sons [1937] 81 Acct LR 62 stated:
Held in Auditors' favour
It was not part of their duties to tell directors how to run the business and they had no power to insist that their recommended changes were put into operation

(NOTE:  The above article contains items which may be of interest to those who collect Wild & Wessel and Globe Vulkan Lamps but it is not meant as a complete history of SP Catterson & Sons PL. Should anyone have more complete detail, this will be welcomed.)

Above, Rob Gregor's fabulous 18''' Arts & Crafts style W&W lamp. 

Photo by Rob Gregor.

Original wick in the burner.

Photo by Rob Gregor.

Globe Vulcan lamps used as heaters

Below is a 30''' W&W Vulcan burner on a ''Universallampe" font.  Below left is the lamp burning as a heater in an original W&W heater cabinet and at right the lamp used as a lamp, the pretty shade helping to tame the incredible brightness produced by a 30''' Vulcan lamp.  Photographed and owned by Rob Gregor in OZ.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.



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Standard glass lamp chimneys & Kosmos chimneys

Globe Vulcan (Central Vulcan) Chimneys - 18''', 24''' & 30'''

Fabulous "Sans Rival" borosilicate chimney for 14''' Kosmos lamps

Student Lamp Sans Rival Chimney with 1 7/8" fitter!!!

Angle Lamp chimneys

Sonnenbrenner Lamp Chimneys

Lamp Chimneys - Dimension of nominal base diameter by make, model and "line".

Information on lamps:

Aladdin Lamp History

Aladdin Lamp Wicks & Chimneys,

Aladdin - Exploded burner views

Beginning Lamp Restoration

Center Draft Kerosene Lamps
(Photos, information and history, etc)

Center Draft Lamp manufacturers and brand names

Kosmos-Brenner lamps

Photos of restored center draft lamps 

Victorian Era Student Lamps


Early American Metal Font & Specialty Lamps

Flame Spreaders and "Smoke Consumers" from Alex Marrack

  • Vulcan, Imperial, Veritas, Belgian, Hinks, Messenger's, Young's Court, etc.

    Articles by Alex Marrack:

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Links to web sites for parts, information and restoration. 

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Site Index for all things Perfection

Kindler Wicking For Oil Stoves & Ranges

Kerosene Heaters

Alphabetical list of most kerosene heaters and the proper wick, & cart checkout.

List by wick number and the heaters that fit them. (A helpful guide for buying on eBay)

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