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One way to freshen the scent of burning kerosene lamps is to add a few drops of potpourri essential oil to each lamp full of kero. I have used vanilla, rose and mulberry scent so far, and they completely mask the distinctive kerosene aroma. Single fellows have used Hoppe's #9 as a nice scent!  Many wonderful scents are now being sold for "Aromatherapy" and can be found listed under that category.

Only a few drops of the essential oils are needed, and the price per 1/4 fl oz is certainly not excessive considering the limited quantities used.

Sweet smelling kerosene additives for kerosene  heaters are usually 1/3cc (ml) of 91% (or more) alcohol, an ounce or two of Low Odor Mineral Spirits and a few drops of potpourri oil.  Adjust the amount of essential oil in the mixture to please yourself.  (Rubbing alcohol  is 70% alcohol, so it has already absorbed 30% water. An 80-proof vodka is 40% alcohol, 60% water.  Both are unsuitable.  91% and 99% alcohol is often sold by the pint in pharmacy stores.)

The cost per treatment is negligible if you make it yourself, plus you have the added advantage of using the potpourri essential oil of your choice.

There are two types of potpourri scents:  alcohol based and water based.  You want the alcohol based variety.  You can assume that essential (potpourri, aromatherapy) oils are alcohol based unless they are sold diluted with water and the listings should mention that fact.

If you guys out there don't know what potpourri essential oils are, ask a woman...it's a girl thing.







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