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Unique Specialty wicks
for 19th Century lamps


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World's Largest Selection of Wicks!
      Wicks for virtually every heater, stove and lamp made since 1850

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RIPPENGILLES Kerosene Heater Wicks


Dual heater 220 (699139)      Photos of wicks



Dual heater 220 (699139) (Photo of wick.)



220 heater and Tallboy No. 336. Use the 2T wick if you have a good circular sleeve wick holder. Wick only - does not include the wick carrier! (Installs into your wick carrier.)  Increases wick life and lessens the cost of burning these heaters.  Installation instructions included with wick.  Can only be used with the W44 wick.



116 A   These are hand-made wicks using quality wick material of the correct thickness as no factory wicks have been made for the Rippengilles 116A heaters in decades. Wick only for use in your wick sleeve.  Installation instructions included.  $13.95


(604709); (698859) Super Sunrise (Valor 8 pc)


Igniters - Mica windows - Battery powered pumps

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